Stealthy Vacation Bible School

Cartoon of a boy yelling to a teacher, "Hey Mrs. Petersen! VBS is almost here!"

The plight of children’s pastors everywhere is when to begin planning for Vacation Bible school. Christmas takes precedence in December. Easter dominates late winter. Then before you know it, summer is here and there isn’t enough popsicle sticks empty toilet paper rolls or school glue to satisfy all the VBS planning needs!

So be kind to the person that is organizing your local VBS. He or she is probably searching frantically for enough cookies and punch to feed a devouring horde of elementary appetites!

I drew this for the April 2016 CHOGnews.

How do you rate Vacation Bible School?

Cartoon of a boy talking to his mom about Vacation Bible school


Cartoon of a mother and son. The boy says, “I give this VBS an ‘A’ for snacks and a ‘B’ for decor.”

I drew this for the July, 2013 CHOG E-Newsletter for the Church of God

VBS Gusto

Cartoon of a receptionist talking about vacation Bible schoolCartoon of an administrative professional and a pastor. The receptionist says, “Mrs. Thistlewaite wants to know if this year’s vacation Bible school will have gusto.”

Make sure it has moxie!

Packed for VBS

Cartoon of a boy packed for vacation Bible schoolCartoon of two boys. One has vacation gear and a suitcase. He says, “Thanks for inviting me to vacation Bible school. I’m all packed.”

It’s VBS time! be sure your bags are packed.