Sketch Notes: Because He Lives, All Fear is Gone

Sermon sketch notes based on "Because He Lives, All Fear is Gone."
I took these sketch notes at Salem Church of God in Clayton, Ohio

This sketch note page is from yesterday’s sermon at my church. Pastor Steve Southards from Salem Church of God continued his sermon series based on the song, “Because He Lives” by Bill and Gloria Gaither.

I loved the tin pan illustration Pastor Southards shared at the end. His grandfather loved to garden. When Steve visited, he would see aluminum foil pie pans hung over the garden. His grandfather put them there to scare away the birds, deer and other animals that wanted the tasty fruits and vegetables. Steve observed if a bird was smart, he might look for the foil pans because that would signify something good was nearby.

Too often, what scares us could actually hide the blessing we desire the most. Great sermon, as always from Pastor Southards.

No worry worries

cartoon of a woman worrying about no worries

Cartoon of woman saying, “I worry I don’t have something to worry about.”

Worry is an addiction. As a kid, I worried about whether I would ever grow up. I worried if that rough-talking kid would turn on me and become my bully. I worried about being good enough, or being good.

As I grew up, I put away childish worries and worried about new things. Would my kids grow up healthy and stay on a good path? Am I being a good dad and husband? Can I keep up with technology and the changing workforce? Will I be the last to know if I’m senile? Maybe I already am!

It wasn’t long until I discovered anxiety is a habit, not something dependent on our circumstances.

Let’s face it. There will always be something to worry about. If you worry about having no worries, you must have stayed away from the news for a few days. Life is precious and fragile. Worries come with the territory because we can’t predict the future. We can only guess about the future based on our limited knowledge of the past.

We worry because we can’t predict or change the future. We can do some of the right things that will help change the future, but in a moment, all of that can change. What’s the solution? Faith, hope and love.

  • Have faith someone bigger than yourself has it under control. Have faith it will all turn out right in the end.
  • Have hope the future will be better, even brighter. Every time I see a new baby, I know there is a future. Keep your hope.
  • Love one another. As long as we show unconditional love, there is a reason for hope and faith.


Great Heights

Cartoon of a girl scolding a kitten. She says, "Come down from there! Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

Cartoon of a girl scolding a kitten. She says, “Come down from there! Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Heights and obstacles are a matter of perspective, aren’t they? Whenever a child is convinced an obstacle is just too much for them, I need to remember it really does look as big to them as they imagine it. Part of the challenge is to convince a student they can overcome an obstacle without belittling or minimizing their fear.

How do you get a child to overcome an an obstacle in a respectful, encouraging way? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “heights.”


Worry about no Worry

Cartoon rough of two women. One says, "I'm not scared of anything anymore, and frankly, that worries me!"

Cartoon of two women. One says, “I’m not scared of anything anymore, and frankly, that worries me!”

I drew this rough cartoon in my sketchbook during a tumultuous time in my life. I was laid off from a dream job, my wife was working at a place with financial difficulties in a town that faced severe financial hardships. We had two, young children. Though I was working, it was a temporary job. Oh, and September 11, 2001 was still fresh in our minds. There was plenty to worry about.

But all of the things we worried about never came to pass. It’s ten years later and there are a new set of worries in our life. What good does worry do for us? Live today and let tomorrow take care of itself, unless you want to worry about not worrying.