Easter Egg Quota

Cartoon of a boy and girl with Easter egg baskets. The boy says, "It was a great Easter egg hunt, but it fell short of my quota."Easter egg hunts are great lessons on survival of the fittest. Young kids learn right away that the big, older kids will take no prisoners, but they will take all of the Easter eggs. Parents scope out the competition and will plot, block and intimidate the older kids while their little one tries to discern an Easter egg from a twig.

Meanwhile, the older kids begin trash talking their peers about their lack of egg-grabbing ability. the avarice and cutthroat competition is on display for everyone to see. It’s an example of what happens when you commercialize a religious holiday. So if you’re conducting an Easter egg Egg-stravaganza this week, be sure to find some ways to even the playing field and minimize the competition between the preschoolers and the preteens. Sure, maybe everyone won’t get their quota, but their may be fewer broken hearts and empty plastic Easter eggs.

Cartoon: How Greedy?

Cartoon of a boy and a bank teller. The boy says, "How greedy do you have to be to work here?"

Cartoon of a boy and a bank teller. The boy says, “How greedy do you have to be to work here?”

When I was a teen, I loved working for a fast food restaurant, because I could have the merchandise for dinner. It’s too bad the same concept doesn’t quite work in the banking institutions. Then again, I’ve been reading about the financial crises in 2008. There were a lot of bank executives and Wall Street financiers that appeared to be doing just that.

If a bank teller helped herself to the bank’s merchandise, that would be called embezzling. If an executive helps himself, is that called a bonus?

Black Friday Anxiety

Cartoon of two women walking. One woman says, “Have you ever tried not to covet when you’re a the mall? It gave me an anxiety attack.”

It’s Black Friday in the United States. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year. I will once again, make a vow to stay away from the mess. My wife had me got out on Black Friday once. She saw an ad for a TV. The problem was the store opened at six in the morning and she told me this at ten. When I arrived at the store, it looked like the aftermath of war. A store clerk laughed at me when I asked they had any more of the TV sets. I’m never going out there on that day again!

Magic for Sale

Cartoon of two boys. One has a box. He says, “It’s a magic box. It starts up when you insert twenty dollars.” Continue reading “Magic for Sale”