Chicken Terrorists

Cartoon of two chickensCartoon of two chickens. One laid an egg. The other says, “Careful! If that egg contains salmonella, you could be labeled a terrorist.”

Watching the Dog

Cartoon of two boy and a dog with eyeglasses. A boy says, “We found out if he was going to be a watch dog, he needed a little extra help.”

Foot in Mouth

Cartoon of a couple with a foot coffee table. The woman says, €”I don’€™t care if you are a podiatrist! We can’€™t have that in our living room!”

Endurance Race

Cartoon of a jogging couple

Cartoon of a jogging couple. The woman says, “Run the race with perseverance, honey!  We haven’t left our driveway yet!” Continue reading “Endurance Race”

Caged for the Vet

Cartoon of dog in a cage and a cat

Cartoon of a dog in a crate and a cat. The cat says, “Tsk! This has ‘Vet’ written all over it.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This weeks word is “caged.”