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Why We Need More Unorthodox Children’s Ministry Teachers

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Why We Need More Unorthodox Childrens Ministry Teachers

Spear 1388 300x267 Why We Need More Unorthodox Childrens Ministry TeachersStandardized tests have become the bane of school teachers for a good reason. It’s difficult being creative when you are hammering your students with facts and figures for the next critical test.

Thankfully, standardized tests haven’t come to children’s ministry. Now there is a need for scripture memorization and biblical literacy. However, we must balance the need for knowledge with the need for creative storytelling.  Children’s ministry workers need to remember when we tell a story creatively, it can bring the lesson to life.

We are all wired to tell and hear stories. After all, Jesus taught in parables as he also taught the scriptures.

As I look my old cartoon, I’m wondering what Bible story would involve sword swallowing. I’m not encouraging any student or teacher to take up sword swallowing. I’ll leave that up the professionals like Mrs. Jones. All the same, if you had the opportunity to use a sword swallower, which Bible story would you think could fit the bill?

Cartoon of a guy on the Parent's Cliche Hotline. He says on a phone, "Try this classic. 'You keep making this face, and it'll stay that way!'"

Searching for parenting cliches

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Searching for parenting cliches

I drew this before the Internet was a staple. It is so much easier to Google a good cliché now. A few that caught my eye were…

When I was a kid, I swore I would never use some of the clichés my parents used on me. That promise lasted until my first-born was old enough to talk. My favorite cliché became, “Someday, when you’re older, you’ll understand.” The problem with that one is I’m still waiting to be old enough to understand what’s going on. Who wants to admit that to your child? Not me!

Clichés are so useful because they deal with universal problems. They’re just too easy to use. What are some clichés you’ve caught yourself saying?

Sketch notes of a sermon by Kyle Idleman on troubles and self absorption

We all have our struggles

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 We all have our struggles

Spear IMG 1105 1024x681 We all have our struggles

Yes, we all have our struggles. No one is immune. We like to think that isn’t so. And we certainly aren’t going to make a practice of putting a less than flattering side of ourselves on social media, are we?

I drew this sketch when I listened to Kyle Idleman talk about how self-absorbed we have become. I would have to agree. It is far easier to display my successes than to announce my blunders.

Do we do ourselves any favors when we put only our best foot forward on Facebook?  In a Photoshopped world, do we make progress when we take out the blemishes? After all, in this original file, I misspelled Kyle’s name. It took a little layer work and a re-save to correct my mistake. I thought that was a good thing, since I was talking about the guy, but where should I draw the line?

Yes, this whole social media gig can make a guy self-absorbed about covering his blemishes!

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