5 Steps to Learning From defeat

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"If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost." Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar always had a way of distilling so much into one sound bite! This quote got my mind racing. Have I learned from defeats? Have I learned the right lessons? Nobody likes defeat. It’s especially hard when we gave it all we could and we still come up short. Continue reading 5 Steps to Learning From defeat

When it Comes to Creativity, Never Underestimate a Little Piece of Knowledge

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Sketch of a mortar board and the word, "Knowledge!"I like trivia. No, I love trivia! The only problem I have with it is the way people perceive it. They look at trivia as… well, trivial! It’s perceived as useless, throw-away information.

Never underestimate the power of a little piece of knowledge! It has power. It makes creativity happen. It brings innovation to the marketplace. Any piece of knowledge, no matter how seemingly small or trivia can have power. Continue reading When it Comes to Creativity, Never Underestimate a Little Piece of Knowledge

What a Vehicle Breakdown Taught Me About Creativity

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Recently, my family moved from Indiana to Arizona. For the first half of the trip, everything seemed to go according to plan. But as we were about to enter the Texas Panhandle, one of our two vans just lost it. Of all things, the power steering pulley broke.

We stayed two days in Shamrock, Texas while we waited for repairs. and we thought everything was fine. Then the same van overheated from Amarillo to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Once again, we found a garage to repair the ailing van. Alas, we limped through Albuquerque until the van gave up the ghost in Grants, New Mexico. It all sounds so simple now. But it was quite an ordeal. And guess what? I know next to nothing about cars!

Besides a great story for Spear family lore, this episode taught me a few things about creativity. Continue reading What a Vehicle Breakdown Taught Me About Creativity

Prayer and Going Back to School

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Cartoon of a mom and son. The disgruntled son says,

It can be tough to have faith that can move mountains when you have to go back to school. I probably prayed a prayer similar to the boy’s prayer in this cartoon when I was in elementary school.

School was stressful for me. I never knew if my pencil was really a Number Two Pencil. If I wasn’t so nervous, I may have had the wits to actually check the inscription on the pencil. I should’ve realized almost all school pencils are number two pencils. If I just got that through my head, maybe school wouldn’t have been so stressful. Then again, maybe I should have just prayed about my stress!

I drew this for the Church of God Newsletter.

I Gave Online t-shirt

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cartoon of a guy in church. An offering plate is being handed to him. The guy has a t-shirt that says,
© 2015 Kevin Spear

It’s fun when tradition collides with technology! For a few months, I’ve been using my bank’s web payment to pay my tithes and offerings. Why not? I’ve paid all my other bills that way for years. I didn’t expect the feeling of guilt when the offering plate came around even when I knew perfectly well I was giving.

So how do you combat that feeling when someone gives online? You can’t put your smart phone in the offering plate. Printing out a receipt seems tacky. If you wave it off and say, “I gave online,” you’re only calling attention to yourself and sound pretentious. Oh, the dilemmas!

A t-shirt would solve all the awkward exchanges. All the church has to do is pass them out in the back before the service. You can make them big enough to fit over any outfit. And if you decorate your church for the season, you can make them match colors for Lent and Advent!

I drew this cartoon for the July CHOGNews.