Hope Springs Eternal

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Cartoon of two students. A boy says, "Should we abandon all hope, or keep plugging through fourth grade?"At least hope should spring eternal. It’s essential for quality of life. The old saying goes the only things certain are death and taxes. But there are three things that last beyond those certainties: faith, hope and love. Continue reading Hope Springs Eternal

Franken-phones and Franken-apps

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Frankenstein monster admires his monster smartphone

Since it’s October, my thoughts turn to spooky monsters like giant, Frankenstein smartphones and vampires like data-sucking and battery-sucking apps.

Beware of the little monsters lurking within your new smartphone. I have seen many a phone bring the zombie curse to their users as well. And only a spell would explain the crazy obsession selfies.

So to paraphrase James Whitcomb Riley’s old poem:  “The smartphone’s gonna getcha if ya don’t watch out!”

Homeschool Expulsion

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How does it feel to be expelled from home school?I admire parents who home school their kids. If my parents did it, I would not have been a model student. I am pretty sure I would have been an even worse homeschooling parent. I tip my hat off to friends and family that have had great success at homeschooling.

I have done some illustrations for Apologia Educational Ministries. I have been impressed with the depth and complexity of their text books. There are so many great resources out there today.

Background Checks and Halos

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Cartoon of a woman talking to a man with a halo. She says, "It's very nice. I still have to run all volunteers through background checks."
Copyright ©2015 Kevin H. Spear

If you are running any nonprofit or children’s program, it is imperative you run background checks on everyone.

I have heard too many stories where children were abused because everyone assumed a volunteer was trustworthy. When it comes to a child’s safety, never assume! Continue reading Background Checks and Halos