Be Comfortable Where You Are

Cat reclining on a couch with legs in the air
Cats are notorious for finding a seemingly impossible place to take a nap. While a couch is always a good place to get your beauty sleep, Who else but a cat would choose the top of it? Continue reading “Be Comfortable Where You Are”

Who Has Been Here Before?

Marker in Greenville, Ohio for Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa
As I was jogging this morning, I came across this marker. I have driven by it dozens of times before. It’s on the same road my wife’s parents have lived for over twenty years. Yet, this morning was the first time I read the marker.  Continue reading “Who Has Been Here Before?”

Boards, Committees and Servant Leadership

Cartoon of two men looking at a wad of paper. One says, "We need to form a committee to decide who will pick up this trash."

When it comes to the balance of power, boards and committees can be tricky. Some believe their goal is to tell other people what to do. Others don’t have a clue how to get the ball rolling on tasks as simple as picking up some trash. Continue reading “Boards, Committees and Servant Leadership”

Sermon notes | Road Trip: Acts 15:1-21

Today’s road trip took is through Acts 15. Too often, we make new people conform to our standards when we didn’t begin at the same advance stage.

This made me think of how hard it is for a highly talented, successful athlete to become a coach. When you have performed at such a high level, it is difficult to relate to athletes that haven’t been there yet. 

Paul was a great teacher. He helped others get to a higher level, but didn’t make them start there. A good teacher and coach knows where his students are, adjusts to that level, then patiently takes them to a higher level of performance.