11/12/15 – The Power of You – Career Connectors

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Scottsdale hills
Scottsdale hills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the privilege to blog for last week’s Career Connector’s event in Scottsdale. Gloria Petersen with Global Protocol gave us great advice on presenting ourselves in the best light. She also challenged us to make challenges work for us, not against us. Here is an excerpt and link to the blog recap:

Determination is what it takes to beat the odds.  When Gloria went through a trial, she had to persevere to make it through the other side. That is the power of each one of us. […]

Source: 11/12/15 – The Power of You – Career Connectors

No-Shave November for Youth Pastors

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Cartoon of a woman telling a bearded man, "The church bylaws ban youth pastors from participating in No Shave November."

Sometimes, a little facial hair can raise the ire of the local church lady. It’s not that it is spiritually offensive. I propose it is because the scruffy look reminds Eunice of her younger years when she dated her dear Grover.

Happy No-Shave November!

I drew this cartoon for the November, 2015 Church of God Newsletter.

I’m in a Career Connectors Testimonial

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In October, I had the opportunity to give a video testimonial about the Phoenix area Career Connectors. It is on the Employer Services section of their web site. Here is the video:

When I came to Phoenix this past July, I realized very quickly my job wasn’t nearly as effective with computer job boards. I was very relieved to find a group like Career Connectors that provides knowledge about the employment in the Sun Valley, helpful resources and some inspiration. I wholeheartedly endorse Career Connectors.

Guest Post | Career Connectors

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On Wednesday, I had the privilege to write a blog recap on the Phoenix Area Career Connectors site.

Source: 10-27-15—The Work Before the Work

Pamela Heward was the keynote speaker. She did a great job talking about the personal development we need to do and assumptions we must let go of when in a career transition.

The presentation was also great for anyone starting their own business needing  to let go of assumptions that hold them back.

There is also some information on Phoenix area employers and resources for job hunters. Enjoy!

Second thoughts are inevitable. Know your Why!

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Three boys are posing. The second one has a "messy middle" sign. The third boy thinks, "Why?"Sooner or later, you will have second thoughts about an action. Maybe things aren’t going as smoothly as you hoped. Maybe the excitement of a new idea wears out and the hard work continues. Continue reading Second thoughts are inevitable. Know your Why!