cartoon of one boy bragging to another

Memorizing Those Books of the Bible

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1598 spear Memorizing Those Books of the Bible

Cartoon of a boy bragging to another, “I memorized the books of the Bible. Did you know they’re all bestsellers?” Continue reading


Scarecrow Coloring Page

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Scarecrow Coloring Page

Spear Scarecrow coloring Scarecrow Coloring Page

The other night, A full September moon lit up the night sky. I love it when the moon is so bright it casts clear shadows! That made me want to draw a coloring page for you. Continue reading


Autumn in the spring activity (in progress)

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Autumn in the spring activity (in progress)

Puzzle pg3 psd   71 8   Color Fill 1  RGB 8    737x1024 Autumn in the spring activity (in progress)I’ve been working on an activity book lately. In this activity, the student finds and circles the activities that AREN’T spring activities. Though truth be told, I’ve seen a snowman in the spring time. He was mushy and didn’t look very happy, but those around him were more than happy he was dissolving into a puddle.

I am illustrating this activity for Warner Press. This book will come out January, 2015.

As I am writing this, it is autumn in my neck of the woods. What are your favorite autumn activities?


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