No rim shot, please!

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 No rim shot, please!

3995 Spear No rim shot, please!

Cartoon of a sound technician and a pastor. The pastor says, “When I open the sermon with a joke, please don’t use a rim shot.”

Sound and PowerPoint operators have a lot of power. They can make or break a church service.  Have you ever been in a worship service and the words didn’t match what everyone was singing… including the worship leader? Yes, it can leave the congregation all flustered.

A few weeks ago, I witnessed the power of the tech guy. A guest pastor was saying how much he loved his beloved baseball team. The technician didn’t agree with his choice. So the tech guy proudly displayed HIS favorite baseball team’s logo.

Beware of the tech guys, pastors. They have more power than you realize!

I drew this for the April, 2014 Church of God Ministries e-newsletter.

 No rim shot, please!
photo of beach figurines buried in snow

Things rarely go according to plan

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Things rarely go according to plan

As I write this, it is late March, 2014. Spring has been with us for five days, but it doesn’t feel anything like spring in Indiana. Yesterday, it snowed. Let me tell you, friends, it’s been quite a winter for Hoosiers. Maybe you balk because you’re from Minnesota or Siberia. But We aren’t use to  extended  single-digit temperatures and relentless snow storms!

d6e52cbe99ca11e38b2612c9e75d70d5 6 Things rarely go according to plan

These beach figurines have been freezing all winter. They’re ready for the thaw! #winter via speartoons

Things rarely go according to plan. We know what a typical winter is for the area we live in. But how many times do we see an “average winter?” Usually it’s above normal or below normal temperatures. When we have the average winter, we start to wonder if there is something wrong. Could it really be that perfect? Could it really be so average that it’s unusual? Continue reading

Super busy woman catches her breath

Cure for the Super Busy Parent

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Cure for the Super Busy Parent

1054 Spear Cure for the Super Busy Parent


There are times a flash of a speeding wife has startled me.  There are moments when we have felt like two rocket ships passing in the night. There have been days when we’ve wished we could trade places with the snoring dog. Have you ever had days like these?

When you are a parent, a seemingly quiet day can turn into a frantic speed fest in a flash. Babies need changed, the boss sends a text about a report she needs this afternoon and the older child just announced that breakfast cereal in toaster was a bad idea after all.

The super parent’s life can spin out of control in a flash. How can you maintain perspective and get a grip on reality when you smell burnt flakes and raisins coming from the kitchen? Continue reading

cartoon of two debating men

Impressive Misquote

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Impressive Misquote

0971 Spear Impressive Misquote

Cartoon of two debating men. One says, “Impressive quote. But that isn’t in the Bible. It’s from Benjamin Franklin.”

Why do we like to debate? What is it about a comment here or there that makes me want to get in the last word? Sometimes, when I am making the case about something, I wonder if what I said was really from the source I thought it was. But nobody wants the facts to get in the way of a good argument, do they?

Yesterday, I got into a Twitter argument with a guy pretending to be a nineteenth century preacher. How silly is that?  He’s making accusations as if he is the reincarnation of this evangelist, and I took him seriously. Sometimes my blood boils about the silliest things.

So keep your head out there! Don’t misquote from the Bible and certainly don’t argue with long-dead saints. It’s just not worth it.

I drew this for the March, 2014 Church of God e-newsletter.

 Impressive Misquote
Cartoon of an angry woman on a smart phone

Are you in another tweet war?

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Are you in another tweet war?
3921 Spear Are you in another tweet war?

Copyright 2014: Speartoons, Inc.

Cartoon of a man observing an angry woman on a smart phone. The man says, “Are you in another tweet war with the cross-town church about who will have the better kick-off?”

I drew this for Kidzmatter Magazine.


 Are you in another tweet war?

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