Why who is in a classrooms matters

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Why who is in a classrooms matters

4013 Spear Why who is in a classrooms matters

Cartoon of two adults and baby with a scarecrow. A man says about the scarecrow, “He doesn’t interact with the kids much. But he’s always available and on time.”

I can usually tell when someone doesn’t feel comfortable in a classroom. They don’t look much different from the scarecrow in my cartoon. They’re stiff, standing tall among all the kids. They do dress better than a scarecrow, however. They also have a more worried look than the scarecrow in this picture. Continue reading Why who is in a classrooms matters

Beware of the toxic time triangle!

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Beware of the toxic time triangle!

IMG 1166 Beware of the toxic time triangle!

I am attending the Indiana Faith and Writing Conference this weekend in Anderson, Indiana. Yesterday, Doc Hensley of Taylor University spoke about the toxic time triangle. When you are pursuing a writing career, you have to balance all the necessary, good things like friends, family and health on one side, routine paying jobs on the other, and major career work like novels and writing for the stage on the third.

It is quite a challenge to take care of one end without causing the other two ends to suffer.

I’ve found this to be true. It’s amazing how no matter who we are, we have the same amount of time each day. Yet, some people are able to do so much more with it than others.

One suggestion of Doc Hensley’s was to eliminate time sappers by taking an audit of your time. He said you’d be amazed how much time you waste on a daily basis.

I’m looking forward to trying this and some of his  other time management suggestions in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it’s off to the rest of the writers conference!

Halloween and Politics

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Halloween and Politics

4012 Spear Halloween and PoliticsCartoon of a man and vampire. A man says, “Wow, Michael! Congress really changed you!”

According to a quick Internet search, Lord Acton was the one who originally said, “Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

No matter who you are, the temptation is there to become a little vampire whenever you gain a little power. The more you get, the more the fangs start protruding and you begin fearing the light. Hey! no one is righteous, not even one.

On this Halloween night, be careful out there! Because the politicians will get you if you don’t watch out!

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Memorizing Those Books of the Bible

6467dfcd36e4b99d64fe76f169a9c308 Memorizing Those Books of the Bible

1598 spear Memorizing Those Books of the Bible

Cartoon of a boy bragging to another, “I memorized the books of the Bible. Did you know they’re all bestsellers?” Continue reading Memorizing Those Books of the Bible

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