Have YOU Experienced Keyboard Face?

Cartoon of a woman falling asleep on her computer keyboardCartoon of a guy observing a woman sleeping on her computer keyboard. He says, “Whoops! It looks like another case of Keyboard Face!

You can tell this cartoon is a little older by the shape of the monitor. Do you remember those heavy, computer monitors? They had those lead-lined cathode ray tubes (CRT‘s)? I don’t miss those one bit! Continue reading “Have YOU Experienced Keyboard Face?”

Why you can expect change in a marriage.

Cartoon of a bearded lady and a man

Cartoon of a bearded lady and a man. The man says, “Face it, Helen! You’re not the same gal I married.”

Change is going to happen, whether you want it or not. That’s just the nature of things. Some of us will gain hair where we don’t want it and others will long for the days when we had hair.

If you celebrated any wedding anniversary, then you simply aren’t the married to the same person you once were. We all change.

That’s a good thing. Celebrate the fact even our relationships change. Nothing stays the same. If an organism is alive, it is either growing or dying.

Take the time to make sure your relationship is growing even as the both of you are growing. Invest in your marriage like you would tend a garden.

Your partner probably isn’t the same person you married. And come to think about it, she may be very glad you aren’t the same person she married!

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Talk or Text?

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Cartoon of a couple on smart phones. The guy says, “What am I supposed to do with your text that says, ‘We don’t talk anymore?'”

I’m not a guy that is against smart phones and texting. I love both and use them daily. However, I realize it just isn’t the same as face to face conversation. There are some conversations that simply shouldn’t be carried out with a text. For instance, you shouldn’t break up with someone over a text. Marriage proposals are equally inappropriate. And if you need to fire an employee, I’m guessing a text isn’t the way to go.

Before you send out a text, consider if this is the appropriate way to communicate your message. We have so many options today, thanks to technology. No one method fits every need. Use discernment when considering how to communicate something

How to give your wife a happy birthday

Cartoon of a sick woman asking a man to sign a contract

Cartoon of an ill woman with a contract. She says to a man, “Please sign this agreement that you will never again bake me a birthday cake.”

Maybe it’s the thought that counts, but if you know you’re a lousy baker, let the professionals do the work. After all, you will need to eat the cake too!